Pacsafe Dry Stash Pouch Charcoal

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Keep your phone, wallet, and other valuables secure against weather and would-be thieves this stash bag combines high-frequency welded seams and water-resistant material with anti-theft technology to help keep your essentials secure and dry it even doubles up as a toiletry bag when traveling stay safe, stay dry, have fun.

Type: Accessories
Tags: Athleisure
Material: nylon/polyester
Color: Charcoal

About Pacsafe

Pacsafe is a brand of travel equipment with emphasis on anti-theft features pacsafe is headquartered in hong kong with offices in the united states, germany, and china the company's range of products include adventure backpacks, urban and leisure bags, womenâ bags, photography bags, luggage and travel accessories such as straps, cables and locks the company logo is a turtle with its shell in the shape of a padlock with a mesh cage pattern