Victoria's Secret Amber Romance Fragrance Mist 250Ml

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Amber Romance:
Deep Amber. Sugar Kisses. Chasing sunsets.
Fragrance Style: Gourmand

Sun-kissed skin and the warm allure of amber is brought together in this sultry and sensuous Amber Romance Body Mist. Victoria's Secret has added conditioning aloe vera and soothing chamomile to the formula to make your skin feel all the more sexy!

A Seductive, Warm Fragrance

Envelope your senses in the sheer warmth and allure of this Body Mist that has a comforting feel to it.

A Sensual Embrace of Sultry Amber and Creme Anglaise

The fragrance is a fine amalgam of sultry amber notes with lovely Cream anglaise so you get a scent that is sophisticated, enticing and hard to resist.