Victoria's Secret Velvet Petals Fragrance Mist 250Ml

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Victoria's Secret Velvet Petals Fragrance Mist features a sexy-warm mix of sweet almond glaze and creamy sandalwood. A soft floral fragrance with an added touch of cozy gourmand notes.

Velvet Petals: Fruity Gourmand. Lush Blooms. Almond Glaze. Made you blush.

Top notes: Almond (sugared), Starfruit
Heart notes: Coconut milk, Lotus (blue), Apricot blossom
Base notes: Sandalwood, Musks, Vanilla (Madagascar)

This Victoria's Secret Body Mist is a non-intrusive scent, great for daily wear and makes you feel very ladylike! Condition your skin and keep it silky smooth ideal for using after your morning shower. Stunning fragrance from Victoria's Secret. An array of fragrances to choose from and enjoy. It leaves the skin wonderfully scented, giving you a new burst of energy and self-confidence at any time during the day.